Self Storage Domestic and Commercial North East Discussed by Smartmove

Self Storage Domestic and Commercial North East Discussed by Smartmove

We have a new purpose-built storage facility just 5 minutes away from our previous site meaning there is no impact to you if you already have your belongings stored with us so if you already have storage with us there is no impact to you and if you are thinking about self-storage then we can help, whether its domestic or business storage, large or small.

We have been in the removal and storage business now for over 10 years and we have a highly experienced and efficient team who will ensure your house or business move goes smoothly.  We offer a moving day cleaning service for the property you are leaving or moving to and our self-storage facilities are clean and dry, extremely secure and professional with as little or as much storage space as you need.

Self Storage Facilities North East

We offer self-storage facilities for both domestic and business customers. We have different storage units which vary in size to suit your needs, whether it is a few items you need storage right up to furniture and belongings from your home or business, office or commercial. We are able to quickly increase or decrease the size of your storage unit to meet your needs if they change and we offer short or long term storage solutions to suit your needs.

Why would you use a Self-Storage facility?

You may choose to store their belongings if you are moving abroad so you know you will have it when you come back to the UK

You may be moving into a fully furnished rental property for a while

You may need a few items stored in-between moves or until you decide what you will do with it

You may need storage for your business to store items may may be selling on at a later date

You may need document storage for your business if you no longer have the space to store documents within your business that you have to legally keep for a certain period of time

Why Choose Smartmove Self-Storage facilities?

At Smartmove, we have our very own purpose-built storage facilities which are fully alarmed with 24- hour CCTV cameras in operation as well as being a secure distance from any public access.

Safe & Secure Self Storage

Our storage units are highly secure and our site isn’t close to any public access, we have full CCTV across the site and we have a professionally fitted alarm system. Each unit has an individual lock and pin code alarm system and this means your belongings are safe and secure whilst they are being stored with us.

Self Storage North East

Clean, Dry & Humidity Controlled Self Storage

Our purpose-built storage facilities are clean, dry and humidity-controlled to ensure your belongings won’t get damaged from any weather conditions, hot or cold whilst being stored in one of our self-storage units.

24 Hour Access Self Storage

We allow 24-hour access to your belongings because we have extreme security measures for the site and each storage unit in place. You have an individual lock and pin code which enables you to collect or drop off items 24/7 365 days a year. Often you don’t realise you need anything from your storage unit until the last minute therefore being able to access it out of normal hours means your items are easily accessible without impacting security.

Collection & Delivery Service Self Storage

We have a collection and delivery service for items you are storing if they are too big for you to move yourself. This ensures you are able to store bigger items without the inconvenience of you fitting them into your car or having to hire a van yourself. We can arrange this service for you when you need it.

Porter Service Available

If you have a lot of things to store or large items which you can’t move by yourself then we can arrange a porter service for you. This removes the need for you to lift and move items yourself when they arrive at your storage unit.

Fully Insured Self Storage

If there is any unauthorised access to our main storage facilities we are fully insured for any loss you experience, however, this is extremely unlikely with the security measures and systems we have in place. 

Flexible Self Storage Agreements 

We offer short and long term rental storage agreements to meet your needs and requirements and we can extend your storage if you need it at any time.

Increase or Decrease the Size of your Storage Quickly

Often you may need to increase or decrease the size of your storage unit at short notice and we can easily accommodate this. Our expert team will also help you understand the size of storage unit you will need in regards to your belongings.

Stackable Storage Boxes Available

We have stackable storage boxes if you need them and they ensure you get the most out of your storage space, enabling you to store more than you think when using our storage box systems.

Security Seals 

When storing business documents with us we can provide you with security seals for your document boxes which offer additional security whilst they are with us. 

How can you effectively store your belongings in a Self-Storage Unit?

  • Ensure you take out insurance to cover your belongings in your self-storage unit from the day you first rent your storage unit
  • Before you move anything into your storage unit it is a good idea to clean it thoroughly as this will protect it and your other items whilst they are being stored
  • Create an inventory. Before you start packing, make a list of everything that is going into your storage unit so you know exactly where your belongings are, there is nothing more frustrating than searching for something and realising it is actually being stored at home and not in your self-storage unit
  • Take photos of any valuable items in the unlikely event that you need to make an insurance claim, this will show your insurer the condition it was in when it was stored and that it was in your storage unit
  • If often makes it easier and more compact to dismantle any furniture you can before you pout it in your storage unit
  • Cover the floor of your storage unit with a thick sheet of plastic which will protect the bottom of your boxes and belongings from condensation which can cause mould and dampness. If you can, use wooden pallets to raise items from directly sitting on the concrete floor which is especially good if you are storing fabric furniture
  • When you arrive at your storage facility unload your belongings into the loading bay and use the storage facilities trolleys to move them to your unit. Be really careful not to overload the trolleys or overload them as your belongings can topple off when you move the trolley
  • Wrap furniture using dust covers or breathable fabrics which will prevent dust build-up. Wrapping furniture in plastic can trap any dampness inside and result in mould or mildew occurring so always make sure it is a breathable fabric
  • Store sofas and mattresses on end and stack chairs seat to seat to maximise the space you have
  • Put the tallest and heaviest items into the back of your storage unit
  • Protect glass and fragile items by wrapping them in bubble wrap and, or protective paper
  • Raise fabric furniture off the floor even it is putting cardboard underneath
  • Don’t leave any traces of food anywhere as this can result in mould or pests
  • Don’t cram too much in and leave an aisle in the middle so you have easy access to all of your belongings
  • Store the items you need access to at the front of your storage unit to ensure they are easy to get to without climbing over other belongings as this can result in damage to other belongings
  • Use uniform sized boxes which will make stacking them much easier as well as keeping your unit looking clean and organised making it easier to find anything you may need
  • Using stackable boxes is easier and allows you to make the most of your vertical space
  • When packing smaller items into boxes don’t overload the boxes
  • Distribute your heavier items between all of your boxes so they don’t become too heavy to lift and manoeuvre
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of your boxes and lighter items at the top
  • Place heavier boxes at the bottom of a stack
  • Pack the items tightly, using tissue paper or bubble wrap for fragile items or items that might damage other belongings
  • Label your boxes clearly so you can know at a glance what is in them
  • Seal your boxes with heavy-duty tape
  • If you are storing clothes, bedding, towels or upholstery then protect them by storing them in vacuum storage bags and label them. The vacuum bags reduce all of the air and will give you much more storage space compared to not using them
  • Roll your clothing to ensure you get as much as you can into your vacuum bags and to prevent creases that over time will be difficult to remove
  • Maximize your space by using items like suitcases, dressers, drawers, and furniture to store other smaller items inside
  • Safely pack and seal any sharp edges or garden tools to avoid any accidents when you are moving about your storage unit
  • Tools and garden equipment should be given a good clean before they are stored and the blades of a lawnmower or cutting tools should be lightly oiled to keep them from drying out

Smartmove Services

We are an established and reputable family-owned business specialising in home, office and commercial removals and storage needs across the uk. Whether you are moving just up the road or relocating to another part of the country we can help.

Our removal experts ensure your move goes smoothly and efficiently and we will help you plan your move, adapting our products and services to suit your requirements and budget.

We offer varying removal services and can adapt these depending on the amount of work you want or can do yourself when moving house: 

  • Our full packing and moving service enables you to leave your whole move to us
  • You can pack your belongings on your own and we will load, move and unload them for you on the day. If this is the moving service you decide to go with we can supply you with boxes and clothes storage containers before your move to help when you are packing
  • We dismantle and reassemble furniture for you if this is something you need
  • If you are moving business we assign a move manager to you who will project manage the removal of your business furniture, documents and it equipment to ensure minimal disruption to your business

Smartmove Free Survey Visits

We will always arrange for one of our expert surveyors to come out to your home to review your moving needs and provide you with a free competitive quote. Our trained surveyor will provide you with an in-depth summary of the services that we can offer, discuss your removal requirements and budget, as well as estimate how long it will take to pack, dismantle load and unload after they have seen your home and belongings.

Smartmove Moving Day Deep Cleaning Services

If you are moving out of a rented property or one you have sold then you will know that moving day can be very busy and very stressful. You legally have to be out of your home with the keys passed to your Estate Agent or Letting Agent by a specific time and your property should be cleaned and in a good and reasonable state for the new owner or tenant. Sometimes you will arrive at your new property and it won’t have been left in the clean state you would have wanted so having to clean it thoroughly before you unpack is very time consuming and frustrating.

At Smartmove we offer a full moving day cleaning service, for the property you are moving out of, the property you are moving into, or both and this removes the need of any cleaning on moving day, enabling you to enjoy your move and focus on unpacking and settling in.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Smartmove?

  • Every item can be packed and wrapped, helping you save time and effort prior to your move
  • We can come in 24- 48 hours prior to you moving, so you don’t need to go without your belongings in the weeks leading up to your move
  • Every box is labelled, packed and unloaded into the same room of your new property, saving you time when you’re unpacking your boxes
  • We can take apart and reassemble your furniture in your new property so you can start unpacking your boxes straight away without having to worry about furniture
  • We eliminate the worry of how you will get your furniture into your new home
  • There’s no need to organise hiring a lorry which removes the worry of you having the appropriate driving licence to drive a larger vehicle
  • We load and unload your packed containers and furniture for you, saving you the concern of lifting heavy items and injuring yourself
  • Our knowledgeable team will make sure you are out of your property at that time you need to be as we always know the length of time needed to pack and load
  • You don’t have to ask family members and friends to assist you with your move
  • Some of your belongings will be stored overnight at our protected site and our team will stay with them on the day between you leaving your existing home and receiving the keys for your new one
  • Your belongings are fully insured against any damages or breakages
  • You can unpack your boxes in the days after your move and we will come and pick up the empty containers at a convenient time for you
  • You can enjoy your new home on the day that you move in and spend time getting things unpacked and set up
  • We can store any size items at our secure storage facilities whilst you get settled and decide what you want to do with them at a later date
  • Our team are remarkably knowledgeable and work carefully and efficiently and we don’t subcontract any of our work
  • Our expert services will save you time, worry and stress, both before, on the day and after you move

Using Smartmove for your move means you have access to a complete removal and storage service that takes care of every aspect of your move. 

Depending on your individual circumstances and needs, we can pack and wrap your belongings the day before your move, we will load, transport and deliver them to your new property on your moving day. We can send in our professional moving day cleaning team to deep clean the property you are moving out of and the property you are moving into, allowing you to enjoy unpacking and settling into your new home. We can provide you with a secure and suitably sized storage unit for your needs and help you with every aspect of storing your belongings.  

If you are looking for safe and secure Self Storage in the North East either for domestic or commercial use contact us today on 0191 244 9311 and one of our experts will answer any questions you have, arrange for you to come and see us, or can book your storage unit.

Martyn Lenthall

Martyn works for Smartmove Northeast as a marketing specialist. He takes great pride in creating quality content for people looking for a removal company in Newcastle.
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