Spruce up your Home in Newcastle

Spruce up your Home in Newcastle

How to Spruce up your Home in Newcastle to Sell

Discussed by Smart Move North East Removals – Spring is coming and whether you are looking to sell or you want to Spruce up your Home in Newcastle to stay in then our top tips will help.

When the nicer weather and the lighter evenings start it can highlight areas in your home that need a good clean, tidy or lick of paint and in general we all feel a bit more motivated to get those jobs done. If you are thinking of selling your home then sprucing it up before you get it valued is always a good idea to ensure you get the best price, or if you are staying in your home then a spruce up will make you fall in love with it all over again.

Most house buyers will want to view a property and be more likely to make an offer on it if it is clutter-free, clean and fresh so checking your home room by room is the best way to start and will make it feel less daunting. Spring is the time when the highest number of homes are sold in the UK so don’t miss the opportunity and start your spruce up now.

Newcastle and the surrounding areas is now a prime location for people wanting to move to or in the North East so if you do it right your house won’t be on the market for long.

So, start with the inside of your home and when you’ve finished the inside you can then start to look at what needs doing outside as the weather gets warmer.

Make yourself a plan of which room you will declutter and give a deep clean and when. It’s great to make a list as crossing a room off your list is so satisfying. When you are clearing and decluttering a room ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • When did I last use this item?
  • What purpose does it have for me or my home?
  • Can I sell it or does it need to be taken to a charity shop or the tip?

By room, sort your ‘get rid of’ items into piles so it’s easy to take to the charity shop, to the tip or to sell. List your ‘to sell’ items on the free selling sites or local Facebook pages and list them as you sort so you don’t end up with an overwhelming pile of items to sell in one go. Tidy away the items you are keeping as you go and think about how best to store them. Sort through your clothes and when you put them back in your wardrobe sort them into outfits or colours so it’s easy to choose what you want to wear each day as this will keep it tidy as you go. Decide if you need any more storage in each room or anything that would help your current storage, for example; shoe racks, bookcases, shelves, storage cubes, toy boxes and the list goes on.

When you have sorted and decluttered a room it’s the time to give it a deep clean. Move furniture and dust and hoover, clean the inside of your windows and window sills, and wipe down the walls with the paint wipeable sponges which don’t wipe the paint off or leave discoloured patches. When you have done this you can then look at the room with fresh eyes and decide if it needs a lick of paint, a professional carpet cleaner to give it a new lease of life, or if you think the carpet or flooring is so worn that it needs replacing. If it does need replacing visit your local carpet retailers and look at their remnant stock as this will be a lot cheaper than buying off a roll. Be aware remnant carpet is easier to find for smaller rooms but isn’t impossible for larger rooms, you will just need to shop around more and visit carpet retailers regularly as larger remnants tend to sell very quickly. If you are staying in your home then investing in a better quality carpet and underlay is always advisable as it will last longer, however, if you are selling then you can go for a cheaper option. Neutral tones and colours are always better as they will make your room feel brighter and bigger and you can always accessorise with cushions, bedding, lamps and throws if you want to add a splash of colour. Soft lighting always makes a room look more inviting so decide if a table or free standing lamp would enhance the look of your room and they are always nice to leave on when you have a viewing or set on timers.

For bathrooms a good and thorough deep clean is always good, use descaler products to give your taps and shower doors a good clean, followed by a glass cleaner and a polish with a microfibre cloth. If your grout needs a clean then there are some great cleaning products out there which will remove mould and darker patches. Leave bleach in your toiler and repeat, repeat, repeat. If possible don’t leave toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shower gel, shampoos and deodorants out on display as clean and clear is always better. Buy a nice soap dispenser and a good diffuser which will give a nice background scent when potential buyers are viewing your home or for when you are using it.

When you start on your kitchen, wipe down cupboard doors on the outside and inside, give your sink a deep clean and use the products that are relevant to the surfaces you are cleaning. Clear out your cupboards and wipe them down, throw away any out of date items and put them back in an ordered way so they are easy to keep tidy and are accessible. Give your floor a bleach followed by a steam clean and again, use products that will clean your grout if you have floor tiles as this will make it brighter and more attractive. Keep your work surfaces as clear as you can and only have essential items out on display. Clear out your fridge and give it a deep clean as buyers will often open a fridge or freezer.

Go into your roof and again have a good clear out and tidy as buyers will often take a peep in your roof space to check how much storage there is.

Most of us use our garages now as general storage rather than storage for our cars so they can become a bit messy and chaotic. As you’ve done with the rooms inside your home, give it a good tidy and declutter. Sweep the floor and ensure you have an easy walkthrough for when potential buyers are viewing. Check the working order of your garage door and oil any hinges or mechanics if it feels a bit clunky when opening or if it squeaks. If you have an electric garage door then wipe any sensors so there are no hidden cobwebs or dust that might prevent it opening or closing.

Give your windows a good clean outside and wipe down window ledges and doors, just doing this will make your home more appealing to buyers and make you feel good when you are coming home.

Check your guttering and clear out any moss or leaves as falling moss will draw attention to your roof.

Clear your front and back garden, weeding where needed, sweeping and give any areas looking a bit dirty a jet wash, have a look at fences and gates and touch up any areas that need it. Some pots with bright flowers or bedding plants are always a good way to brighten up your garden and make it look more appealing. Set up some clean outside furniture up so that potential buyers can visualise themselves relaxing in the garden in their new home.

Check if there are any outer walls with a bit of peeling paint or dirt and touch up if you need to.

Spruce up your Home in Newcastle So that’s it, you’ve done it and you should now be enjoying your bright and clean home, clear garden and you can look forward to the summer. If you are thinking about selling then its now time to invite a minimum of 3 estate agents round to give you valuations. Never go with the first estate agent and let them know you have others coming round to value. Ask them to leave their T&C’s with you and if you decide to go with them how long you will be tied into them. 12 weeks is the norm and you need to know that if they don’t sell your home that you can then try it with another agent. Ask them what they would do to advertise and sell your home and if they carry out the viewings, as doing them yourself can be really restricting and you may not be available when people want to view. Most estate agents will know that you will try and knock them down on their percentage to sell so always do this when they first come round and if you decide to go with them then its always worth trying to knock them down again. When you have your 3 valuations go onto the main house selling websites and you can see how much similar houses have sold for in your street or area in the last 12 months as this is a really good guide to what your house is worth. If you are still not sure and there are lots of variants in the valuations then invite a few more estate agents round. Open Houses are now used a lot to sell homes that will sell quickly and its a great, quick and easy way to sell your home without having to clean before every viewing, and you can choose the buyer that is in the best position as well as the highest offer. There are now more estate agents that charge you a one-off fee upfront to sell your home, rather than charging you a percentage of what your home sells for. Be really careful and as with the other estate agents always read their T&C’s carefully before you sign up with them. Don’t be afraid to challenge them on their valuation as some agents will value lower than its worth so it sells quickly and they earn their money. Estate agents are the experts but if you feel they have undervalued your home then you can tell them what you want them to advertise your home for, you can always reduce it later down the line if it doesn’t sell,

When you have chosen the way you want to sell your home and who with, keep it clean and tidy and a really nice touch is to put some flowers in a vase or have a diffuser in the key areas of your home before any viewings as the background smells will make your home feel more appealing.

So that’s it, we’ve given away all our hints and tips to Spruce up your Home in Newcastle whether you are staying or selling. When you have sold your home and are a way through the legal side of things it’s then a good idea to start looking for a Reputable and reliable Removal Company.

About Smart Move North East

Smart Move North East is a family run and owned business who specialise in home removals in and around the Newcastle area and in the North East.

At Smart Move you can expect the resources and tools to ensure your house move goes smoothly, and without problems or stress leading up to your move and on your moving day. We know there is no such thing as a “standard” house move and each and everyone is different so we adapt our services to meet your needs and budget.

We offer you removal options and flexibility on the quantity of work you want to do yourself. Our full packing and moving service will enable you to leave your removal to us, or you can pack your belongings yourself and we will load, move and unload them for you on the day. If you want to pack yourself then we can provide you with cardboard boxes and clothes storage containers a short time before your move that will help when you are packing.

Smart Move’s Free of Charge Survey Appointments

If you are looking for a removal service in Newcastle or the North East then we can arrange a free home survey to talk over your removal needs, any questions you may have and give you quotes for the services we offer. We always advise that you ask for a quote for our full packing and removal service as people are often surprised about much is costs compared to our other services and how much time and stress it takes away from you in the weeks leading up to your move and on the day.

Smart Move’s Home Furniture Storage Solutions

At Smart Move North East we have our own purpose-built storage facilities which are fully alarmed with 24-hour CCTV cameras in operation. The security of our customer’s items in storage is extremely important to us and our facility is situated on our own premises and is a secure distance from any public access.

Our Storage Facilities Offer:

  • 24-hour access
  • Collection & delivery service available
  • Fully protected with insurance
  • Secure & dry
  • Short & long-term agreements
  • Stackable storage containers available to buy
  • Stackable moving crates available to hire
  • Porter-service available
  • Security seals available for additional security
  • We offer an environmentally-friendly and more cost-effective alternative to cardboard packing containers

What are the Benefits of using Smart Move North East?

  • Every single item can be packed and wrapped, saving you considerable time prior to your move
  • Our team can come in 24-48 hours prior to you moving so you don’t need to do without important items or speculate where things are and which container they have been packed in, in the weeks leading up to your move, taking away the chaos and frustration prior to your move
  • Every box is labelled and unloaded into the same room in your new property saving you time when you are unpacking
  • We can dismantle and reassemble your furniture so you can start unpacking your boxes in your new home straight away
  • We eliminate the worry of how you will move furniture out of your old home and into your new as we have the experience and know how to move through doorways and awkward staircases and plan this is part of our free survey
  • You don’t have to worry about sourcing a big enough vehicle to move, removing the worry of getting the correct licence to drive it
  • We load and unload your containers and furniture for you, saving you, family and friends lifting heavy items and injuring yourself
  • Our experienced crew will make sure you are out of your premises at that time you need to be as we know time needed to pack and load
  • Your belongings will be stored securely between you leaving your old home and getting the keys to your new one
  • Your belongings are fully covered by our insurance against any damage which has occurred through us moving you
  • We can provide you with boxes, containers and clothes storage in the weeks leading up to your move
  • You are able to unpack your boxes in the days/weeks following your move and we will come and collect the empty containers at a suitable time for you
  • You can enjoy your new home on the day that you move in and spend your time getting things unpacked and set up
  • We can store items for you at our secure storage facilities whilst you get settled or decide what you want to do with them
  • Our team are hugely knowledgeable and work carefully and efficiently
  • Our products and services save you time and the worry and anxiety before and whilst you move

When you have Spruced up your Home in Newcastle and have sold your home then give us a call us on 0191 244931 and our team will be able to answer questions you may have about our removal services or will arrange a free and no obligation moving survey at a time to suit you.

Martyn Lenthall

Martyn works for Smartmove Northeast as a marketing specialist. He takes great pride in creating quality content for people looking for a removal company in Newcastle.
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