Average House Prices in Newcastle

Average House Prices in Newcastle discussed by Smartmove North East

If you are looking to move home or buy a new house in Newcastle then its always a good idea to understand the Average House Prices in Newcastle or the area before you start looking or viewing houses. Buying a house should always be an investment but you always need to consider a few things before you start your search as this will help you decide on the area you want to move to and the type of house you want to buy.

  • Why are you moving house to start with?
  • Are you looking for a better area, better schools, more bedrooms, more living space, parking or a bigger garden
  • What is important to you in your home? Is it the house or the area and amenities that there are around you?
  • How long do you want to stay in your new house? Is it a short term stop gap, is it a short or long term investment, are you looking to make money quickly on your home or is it a home you want to move and grow into in the longer term?
  • Are you happy with on or off road parking in your new home?
  • Do you want a house that you can move into straight away with no work, a bit of work or a complete project?
  • Think about the location of your home for walks, shops, family and friends

Always do your research and use a website to review house prices in a specific area and road and how they have changed over the last few years. Talk to estate agents and get their view on areas that are popular and the areas that they think are up and coming.


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Why are people from Newcastle called Geordies?

Why are people from Newcastle called Geordies?

Have you ever wondered, why are people from Newcastle are called Geordies? Most of us know people from Newcastle are called Geordies, but where did the name come from and learn some Geordie phrases and words to help you next time you are up in the North East.

Geordie is referring to the people, as opposed to the actual dialect. The dictionary definitions of a Geordie typically refer to “a native or inhabitant of Newcastle-upon-Tyne”. Newcastle-upon-Tyne is an area that encompasses Blyth, Ashington, North Tyneside, Newcastle, South Tyneside and Gateshead and was originally known by its Roman name Pons Aelius, the name “Newcastle” has been used since the Norman conquest of England.

Geordie is a nickname for someone from the Tyneside area of North East England. “Geordie” is often used to refer to a supporter of Newcastle United.

So why are people from Newcastle called Geordies?

One theory is that the name Geordie was taken from George Stephenson, the mining and railway engineer who hailed from the north-east. In 1826 George Stephenson gave evidence to a Parliamentary Commission on Railways at which his blunt speech and dialect drew contemptuous sneers. From that time Londoners began to call the colliers “Geordies”. North East miners used Geordie safety lamps, designed by George Stephenson, instead of Davy lamps which were used in other mining communities.

Another theory is that it derives from a term of abuse coined by the Scottish Jacobites in the 1745 Rebellion because of the defence of the town of Newcastle against them by supporters of King George II, known as Geordies. The second theory is more plausible because the term Geordie is properly used for natives of Newcastle only. This theory is more plausible because the term Geordie is properly used for natives of Newcastle only. Others originating from the north-east are Tynesiders, from the towns along the Tyne, from Blaydon and Newburn downstream, Northumbrians, Durhamites, Dunhelmians if you are posh, or Makems from Sunderland. Stephenson, born in Wylam, Northumberland, was not a Geordie except as a corruption of his Christian name.


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