How to Add Value to your Home before Moving

How to Add Value to your Home before Moving

How to Add Value to your Home before Moving discussed by Smartmove North East

There are some really simple and reasonably quick ways to Add Value to your Home before you put it on the market which will also make it more appealing to potential buyers. The first thing to do is walk around your home and make a list of things you need to do as you go, these can include;


A home will always be much more appealing and feel a lot bigger to potential buyers if the rooms are clean and uncluttered. Declutter by room and take anything you don’t need to the charity shop or try selling it on free local facebook pages or using free selling sites. If you have big items you want to get rid of then advertise them on these sites as well and if they don’t go then advertise them as ‘free to collector’ and this takes away the job of moving them yourself as well as having a vehicle big enough to move them.

Declutter and tidy your loft and garage and this will also save you a lot of time when you move as you will only be taking the belongings that you still need and use.

This is the first step to add value to your home.

Refreshing Paintwork

If you need to refresh any walls, ceilings, skirtings and sills then give them a lick of paint. Using neutral colours and tones will make a room look bigger, be more appealing and feel like more of a blank canvass for potential buyers. If the walls don’t need painting then wipe away any marks with a Magic Eraser Sponge, these are brilliant and wipe away dirt and marks without removing the paint. This will add value to your home and make it more appealing to potential buyers as well as increasing its value as it will look clean and fresh when estate agents come round to value it.

Storage Solutions

Look at the room and decide if you need any storage solutions to ensure your belongings including; toys, paperwork, shoes, clothes aren’t on display when people are viewing your home as this will put them off. You can look for storage on the free selling sites and if you don’t find anything suitable then look in your local DIY shops to see if they have anything suitable. Remember, don’t go over the top with storage as again it can make a room look smaller, cluttered and less appealing.

Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning

Clean, clean, clean each room as you go, wipe sills and skirting boards, dust and give your carpets a deep clean. This will make your home more appealing and will add value to your home.

Cleaning Internal and External Doors and Windows

Give them a clean and a polish and this will make your home look much fresher and more appealing to potential buyers.

Add Value to your Home Fixing Defects

Small defects create an impression of a house being run down or not well cared for so look out for:

  • Mouldy sealant in kitchens or bathrooms
  • Dripping taps
  • Limescaled taps and accessories in your kitchen and bathroom
  • Peeling paint
  • Dirty walls, especially near doors frames and around light switches
  • Lightbulbs not working

Refreshing Carpets

You can easily refresh carpets and remove stains with some simple home cleaning solutions. If this doesn’t do the trick then a professional clean normally does, as long as the carpet isn’t too old and worn. If it is old and worn then you may need to consider replacing it although this can be an expensive refresh so look to see if you can revamp it with a rug or runner to divert potential buyers and estate agents eyes away from it.

Refreshing your Kitchen & Bathroom

If your kitchen or bathroom is looking a bit old and tired then give the walls a lick of paint, clean the grout and if you need to you can now revamp your cupboard doors on a relatively small budget by painting them and replacing the door handles. Clear and tidy your cupboards as remember potential buyers will always open doors and have a look inside. Think about your lighting and keep your work surface clear which will all make a big difference to the feel of your kitchen.

If you need to, re-grouting, removing limescale and replacing old taps are a good option and will make your kitchen and bathroom look refreshed, clean and more appealing to potential buyers, as well as increasing the value of your home when it comes to having it valued by an estate agent.

Clearing the Garden

When an estate agent or potential buyer walks up to your front door their first impression is key. Weed and cut back any garden areas you need to, sweep and or jet wash your driveway and wipe down front doors, garage doors and window sills, all of this will make it look fresh, clean and much more attractive. Do the same in your back garden, give your garden furniture a clean and jet wash any patios or decking if they need it. A garden should feel like extra living space for entertaining or relaxing when the weather is good and you can make the most of this in almost any garden with a little bit of time and work.

An attractive, tidy and well laid out garden front and back will add value and appeal to a property, an untidy and overgrown garden will make a home look unkempt and more work for potential buyers which will put them off as well as you potentially being offered a lower price for your home.

When you have ticked everything off your list it will be hugely satisfying and you will be proud of what you have achieved. The next step is for you to invite a couple of estate agents around to value your home. Before they come round, do your own research and look at how much houses similar to yours in your area have sold for in the last 12 months. This will help you understand if estate agents are valuing your property at the right price and if you think they are under or overvaluing your property you can ask them why using the information you have already gathered. Always negotiate on the fees that they first quote you and check the contract thoroughly before you sign to make sure you are happy with it.

Smart Move North East Removal & Storage Services

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What are the Benefits of Choosing Smart Move North East for your Move/

  • We can come in 24-48 hours before your move and wrap and pack your belongings so they are ready to be loaded on your moving day, saving you time and stress in the lead up to your move
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  • Our services will save you time in the weeks and days leading up to your move, on the day and the weeks after your move

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