Top Tips for Moving House

Top Tips for Moving House

Top Tips for Moving House discussed by Smart Move North East

At Smartmove we understand that moving house can be stressful and take up a huge amount of time whilst you are trying to juggle your everyday life. Read our Top Tips for Moving House for handy hints and tips which will make your life easier and give you the time to enjoy your move.

1) Research and Book your Removal Company Early

Look for professional, reputable and reliable removal companies and invite them round as early as you can to give you quotes for the different services they offer. Using a reputable and larger removal company will ensure your moving day goes smoothly as they will have the expertise and resources needed for any changing circumstances, compared to a smaller company who if they have problems on the day with sickness or their vehicle breaks down you could be let down. Good removal companies will offer the following services which will all vary in cost:

  • Loading you packed boxes from your old home and unloading them into your new home on your move day
  • Packing your home up the day before your move, loading your belongings and unloading them on the day of your move
  • Packing your home up the day before the move, dismantling larger items such as; beds, tables, wardrobes etc and loading and unloading your belongings on your move day
  • Packing your home up the day before the move, dismantling larger items such as beds, tables, wardrobes etc and loading and unloading your belongings into your new home on your move day. Re-assembling your larger items so you are ready to unpack your belongings without the worry of having to do the DIY before you unpack

When you have chosen which Removal Company you want to use then you can give them your estimated removal date and reconfirm it with them when you have exchanged and you have a moving date confirmed. If things start to move and are then delayed which can happen a lot then a good and larger removal company will have the resources to accommodate this so just keep in touch with them and let them know as things change or progress.

2) Pack your Belongings in Time for Moving House

Packing your belongings in the weeks leading up to your move can be stressful and chaotic so if you can, we would always recommend the full packing service from a good removal company. The full packing service enables you to carry on living your busy lives in the lead up to your move without the worry of packing yourself. If you decide to pack yourself then start as early as you can and don’t leave it until the week or days before as you will underestimate just how much you have to pack. You can pack any belongings as early as you need to as long as you leave out the essentials you will need in the last weeks and days leading up to your move.

Pack by room, labelling your boxes on the top with a permanent marker with the room name and an overview of what is in it. This means that when your boxes are unloaded on moving day your removal company can unload them into the same room in your new home, making unpacking easier and less chaotic. Ensure you label bedrooms with the family members name so your removal company knows which bedroom to move their boxes into.

One of the biggest and time-consuming rooms to pack is a kitchen, leave yourself a designated number of plates, bowls, glasses, mugs, cutlery and cooking items and then pack the rest as early as you can, labelling the box with kitchen and what is in it, as an example; plates, cutlery and mixing bowls. Labelling everything clearly will make things much easier for your removal company on the day and for you when you are unpacking at the other end.

Also, remember to clearly mark boxes as fragile if they have breakable items in them so your removal team are aware.

3) Pack a Moving House Survival Kit

A moving day survival kit is essential on moving day and will make things so much easier for you when you get to your new home.

Include things that will get you through your move day and pack it into your car so you know where it is when you need it and when you get to your new home. Include; any toiletries you might need, phone chargers, bottles of water, snacks, a kettle, tea bags, coffee, milk, mugs, things to entertain the kids and any essentials you’ll need for your pets.

Moving House 4) Enjoy your Moving House Day & Unpacking

By following our Top Tips for Moving House you will be able to unpack your belongings at your own speed and not feel like you have to do it in just days. Your detailed labelled boxes will ensure you can easily find things when you need them and your whole moving experience, in the lead-up and after will be much more relaxed enabling you to enjoy your new home as soon as you complete and get the keys. Take your time and don’t put pressure on yourself to do it all at once, focus on one room at a time and get family members involved with unpacking their own belongings.

About Smart Move North East

Smart Move North East is a family-owned business who offer home, office and commercial removals both locally and nationwide.

Our expertise, knowledge and resources will ensure your home or business move goes smoothly and is stress-free. We understand there is no such thing as a “standard” move and we tailor our services to each and every customer and their budget.

We offer a variety of services and flexibility on the amount of work you want to do oneself. Our extensive packing and moving service enable you to leave your removals to us, or you can pack your belongings yourself and we will load, transfer and unload them into your required room on your move day. We can provide you with packing boxes and clothes storage containers in the weeks leading up to your move to make your packing easier. Our boxes are designed for moving and are strong and sturdy so you don’t need to worry about things getting broken. Don’t overpack your boxes, pack them with heavier items at the bottom and fill small spaces and wrap fragile items using bedding and soft furnishings.

We have our own purpose-built, safe and secure Self-Storage Facilities if you need them in the short or longer-term to make your move easier.

Our storage facilities:

  • Collection & delivery service available
  • Fully insured
  • Secure, purpose-built, dry facilities
  • Short & long-term storage agreements available with the ability to adapt to your changing storage needs at short notice
  • Stackable storage packing containers available to purchase which are environmentally-friendly, secure and a more cost-effective replacement for cardboard packing boxes
  • Stackable moving crates available to rent
  • Porter-service
  • Customer collection readily available
  • Security seals available for added protection

What are the Benefits of Choosing Smart Move North East?

Our experienced packing team can come in the day before your move and wrap and pack all of your belongings so they are ready to be loaded on your moving day. Our expert packing service saves you a huge amount of time and stress in the lead up to your move so you can carry on with your busy life.

Every labelled box will be loaded from your old home and unloaded into the same room in your new home, saving you a huge amount of time when you are unpacking.

We offer a furniture dismantling and reassembling service which enables you to use your furniture in the weeks and days leading up to your move and no DIY when you get to your new home.

You won’t have the worry of loading and unloading your boxes and furniture up and down stairways and around any awkward corners as we will take care of all of that for you.

You won’t have the worry about hiring a van or lorry being big enough to carry your boxes and furniture and having the right licence to drive it.

We will load and unload your boxes and furniture for you, saving you, family and friends the worry of lifting heavy items and injuring yourself.

Our skilled removal teams will ensure that you and your belongings are out of your old home at the time that you legally need to be as we have the knowledge and experience of knowing how much time is needed to pack and load.

You don’t need to ask friends and family to help you move.

If your boxes are packed they can be stored overnight at our secure and protected site and our team will stay with them on the day of your move until you have the keys to your new home and they are able to unload.

We are fully insured so you are covered against any damage or breakages that could happen during your move.

You can take your time to unpack your belongings in the days and weeks after your move and we will pick up the empty boxes at a convenient time to you.

You can enjoy your new home as soon as you get the keys, leaving us to do the heavy lifting whilst you spend your time getting things unpacked and getting settled.

Our removal teams are highly experienced, careful, quick and efficient with a huge amount of experience in packing and moving homes and businesses.

Our services will save you time in the lead up to your move, on the day and the weeks after your move, making it stress-free for you and your family, giving you the chance to enjoy your new home and get settled quickly.

If you have any questions about our removal or storage services then contact us on 0191 2449311 and one of our expert team will be able to answer questions you may have or we can arrange a free, no-obligation removal survey for you at a time to suit you.

Read our Top Tips for Moving House and you will be well on your way to a calm and stress-free move.

Martyn Lenthall

Martyn works for Smartmove Northeast as a marketing specialist. He takes great pride in creating quality content for people looking for a removal company in Newcastle.
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